Ruby vs Garnet

Ruby vs Garnet – Difference Between The Two Red Stones

Ruby and Garnet both are beautiful stones that come in different hues of red. Often because of the similarities in the looks, these two stones are often confused in. So people often have questions like

Which is better – Garnet or Ruby?

Ruby vs Garnet: What’s the Difference?

Which one to choose? Both of these gemstones are beautiful and give many benefits to the wearer. So which one will be better for you? You can decide that by knowing the many differences between the two. 

And so in this article, we will discuss the many differences between the two gemstones to let you know which one can you choose. You can read all the properties to know which one is better for you as per your needs and preferences.  

Garnet vs Ruby – Origin 

Ruby stone popularly known as Manik Ratna in Hindi have a long history. This stone because of its property to provide the wearer the ability to lead and a position of authority, this stone is also known as King of Gemstones. History says that India is the origin of the ruby gemstones. Today India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmaar, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Thailand, Cambodia, etc. are the producers of the ruby gemstone

The oldest garnet stones are found in the mines of North Creek, New York. Today South Africa, China, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, etc. all are producers of original Garnet gemstones. 

Ruby vs Garnet – Hardness

The Hardness of the gemstones is measured on Moh’s scale to know how durable they are and what is their scratching resistance. 

An original ruby gemstone has a hardness of 9 which makes it one of the most durable stones of all time. 

On the other hand, the garnet stone has a hardness of 6.5 to 7.5. This is lower than many other gemstones. This stone will get scratched easily which is why if you are planning to wear it on a daily basis you have to take good care of the stone. Make sure you do not wear it while doing activities like washing, playing, gardening, etc. 

Garnet vs Ruby – Color and Clarity 

The Garnet stone as well as the ruby stone both are brilliant stones that come in the hues of red. Ruby’s red color is more deep and dark red as compared to the garnet. It also has a tint of black in it which is why it is often called Blood red stone. 

As for clarity, a natural ruby stone has more inclusions in it than Garnet which means it does not have as much clarity as Garnet. However, these inclusions or abrasives in the stone are not that easily visible to the naked eye. Although, the Garnet stones are more eye-clear. 

Astrological Significance of Ruby vs Garnet 

As per astrology, the ruling planet of the ruby stone is the Sun. Sun is the symbol of individuality, boldness, leadership, and fierceness. Hence, the ruby stone is known to increase the self-confidence of the wearer, as well as give them courage and strength. This stone brings in luck for the wearer and enhances the leadership skills of the wearer. It is also known to give the wearer various opportunities to bring them to a position of authority or management. 

The Garnet is in association with the planet Mars. This stone enhances courage in the wearer. It helps the person with their determination and willpower to assist them in achieving their goals. It induces passion in the wearer, boosting their energy levels.  

Healing Properties: Ruby vs Garnet  

The ruby gemstone’s health benefits include removing the toxic aura from around you. The stone will activate your energy center, the base chakra, which increases stability in your life. The healing properties of the ruby stone also include healing your reproductive system. 

The Garnet stone is known to have healing properties like strengthening your bones and heart as well as your immune system and metabolism. 

Ruby vs Garnet – Price  

The ruby stone is a precious stone with more hardness and importance in astrological significance than Garnet. Hence, the price of the ruby stone is more than the Garnet stone price

Typically the ruby stone price ranges between Rs. 62,590.00 and Rs. 181,600.00. 

The price of the garnet stone lies within the range of  Rs. 60,265.00 – Rs. 61,875.00. 

The cost of the gemstones varies based on the weight, origin, clarity, and quality of the stone. 


Garnet and Ruby are both entirely different gemstones with different chemical compositions, properties, origins, and astrological significance. Ruby stone is more powerful and expensive than garnet gemstone. You can choose a gemstone as per your preferences. 

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