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The Marlboro Jacket is one of the most popular variations of the outerwear, which is mostly common with racing fans as this is the base of the attire worn by the racers. Most people here believe it is very hard to afford a racer outfit like this one. It solely belongs to the racers. Most notably the ones driving the cars or the motorcycles. However, this is not the case anymore, as most people can purchase the Marlboro jackets anytime.

It is a coincidence that some expensive-looking jackets are exclusive to sports athletes and celebrities. They are available for the locals to have as their own. Pretty cool, huh? Like that, the Marlboro Jackets also make their way into the shopping scene. They made their way most massive crowds, including youngsters, like it. However, what makes this attire unique and popular, and how does it impact the larger crowd? Here are some characteristics you need to know about this new emerging trend.

The Racing Pattern

The racer-style patterns that can be seen on the front and back of the attire are one of the notable aspects of the Marlboro Jacket. It is the most defining trait of outerwear as it includes the printed art of the racer’s name. The sponsors’ printed logos, and the number of cars the racer was driving during the initial race. Wearing this would feel like being a racer in a race for real while coming out of the car wearing it feels like some racing badass at first sight.

The prints can often include the logos of well-known automobile brands along with the companies. These are responsible for producing the best lubricant and spare parts for each car as they are also present to represent the racer that is participating in the race. It makes this attire feel even more special than ever.

Closure Styles

The closure is an integral part of outerwear that features various variations and styles to close the front at any time. The Marlboro Jacket includes some of the well-known variations of closure, which practically range from zipper closure to snap tab closure. The jacket lovers like you, which one is the best suited for? that is entirely up to you.

As I said, there are various variations in style for the racer jacket here, but they all arrive with different closure styles. The most popular one here is the zipper closure. It allows the person to easily open and close the attire whenever necessary. Secondly, the variation can often be the snap tab, which is also quite popular with the varsity attires nonetheless.


The Marlboro Jacket can often include a variation in the closure on the front. However, the material made for the attire remains the same even with the different closure variations. You can see this with the leather, either Faux or genuine leather. Most people love them because of the silky texture that the fabric brings to everything. Such as jackets, shoes, and bags. So, the leather fabric here is the winner and takes the whole cake. 

In this place, people hold mixed opinions about using either real or faux leather for the jacket. Most people believe that real leather is suitable, while others think that faux leather is cool. Faux leather is an artificially created leather that works like the genuine one. However, the real leather has more to give than the Faux one, but the leather choice is entirely up to you.


The linings in the Marlboro Jacket can be seen in multiple variations as well because it would often include the darker linings on the light base or the lighter linings on the dark base. One of the strongest points of the racer style is that any kind of lining would look great on it. It matches the racer’s most defining characteristics while offering a different flavor. 

For example, you have a design that features light colors like white and red while featuring black linings. The style looks cool because the linings often highlight the basic part of the jacket. It adds an outline for a perfectly stitched windbreaker inspired by the racers.

Other Features

This jacket features a choker-style collar, a rarity in most leather wear. This adds a unique taste to the racer-inspired attire. Another notable feature of the Marlboro Jacket is the button-style cuffs based on the varsity attire’s snap tab closure. It allows for some easier closure on the wrists.


It can be seen that the Marlboro Jacket has become an instant favorite among the larger crowd nowadays because of the unique style and look it offers to the table. Secondly, the racing champions inspire the jacket as well. They have won the hearts of others through their extremely speedy racing skills and thrilling stunts. Many consider this to be primarily athletic wear, but its unique magic truly sets it apart for others.

You can also have the same opportunity to purchase your own racing attire, a Marlboro windbreaker. It comes in different styles and patterns resembling that of the ones worn by professional racers in sports. One of the best things about the jacket is that it makes a person feel like a racer coming out of the car in a winning spirit.

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