Custom Varsity Jacket

Custom Varsity Jacket: Style options available

Undoubtedly, the custom varsity jacket is an outfit that stands the test of time when it comes to fashion. It is classic and versatile. Moreover, both men and women can wear it to look classy and versatile. Originally, letterman jackets were designed as the symbol of athletic achievement. But over time, these custom varsity jackets have evolved into a trendy and customizable fashion statement. Moreover, they suit a very wide range of personal styles – for both men and women. Here, we will explore the styling options available for both men and women to help you style your custom varsity jacket better. 

No matter your style, you can always amp up the outwear with a custom varsity jacket. From using it as a full wear to using it as an accessory, the styling options are limitless. You can go creative with your varsity jacket in so many ways – really, imagination is the limit. After all, most people drape it over their shoulders like a cape and still pull it off. In fact, some college girls only tie it around their skirts and still manage to look the best they can. 

Custom Varsity Jacket men styling options

Whether you are a muscular jock or a nerd, there are so many ways for you to personalize your custom varsity jacket look. The charm of these letterman jackets has no end. They can make you look good in every and any way you wear them. However, there are some options that are better than the others. So, if you are looking for the best ways to style a custom varsity jacket, we have you covered. Here are the most popular styling options for men when it comes to letterman jackets:

  • Classic Athletic Look

All you need for this look is a custom varsity jacket with contrasting leather sleeves and a wool body. You can pair it with jeans and sneakers and the whole look will fall into perspective for you. The undershirt can be anything when you wear the custom varsity jacket on type. It is a traditional way of wearing these jackets. Clearly, this look will make you seem cool and sporty – effortlessly so. 

  • Retro Vibes

If you want your custom varsity jacket to give off retro vibes, you need to go for a vintage-inspired design with retro color combinations. Moreover, this type of letterman jacket always pairs well with slim-fit trousers. If you want to enhance the look, you can use your old-school sneakers as well. Undoubtedly, this will give you a timeless appearance and out-of-time vibe. 

  • Casual Streetwear

The best style of option for men is this! Treat your custom varsity jacket like streetwear. All you need for this look are streetwear staples like joggers and high-top sneakers. It will give you such a perfect urban look.

  • Minimalist Elegance

If you want to do justice to this look, you better custom your varsity jacket in muted and neutral tones. Moreover, once you get one such letterman jacket, you only need to wear it over a crisp white shirt. Add in some tailored pants for a touch of sophistication to your outfit. It will be perfectly minimalist and elegant.

  • Rock and Roll Edge

If you want a custom varsity jacket that gives you a rock and roll edge, you need to experiment with black leather sleeves, a dark wool body, and edgy patches. You can complement this look with distressed jeans and combat boots.

Custom Varsity Jacket women styling options

Whether you are a popular girl or a nerdy one, you can personalize and style your custom varsity jacket in so many ways. From skirts to shorts, you can rock these letterman jackets in so many ways. Here we have for you the best ways to style your high school letterman jacket. In fact, the range is highly wide whether you want a special look or a more casual appearance. After all, women are the best at styling their Varsity high school jackets. Anyway, the trendiest options right now are the following:

  • Feminine Chic

If you want a charming and feminine ensemble, you should pair your custom varsity jacket with a pleated skirt or a floral dress. This look works best when your letterman jacket has soft pastel colors. If you want to amp up this look, you can add on ballet flats or ankle boots as well.

  • Tomboy Charm

If you do not like feminine energy, you can style your custom varsity jacket for a tomboy look. All you need are jeans and a graphic tee for a tomboyish vibe. For finishing the look, you can use the high-top sneakers. Moreover, if you do your hair in a messy bun, it will complement the look in the best way possible.

  • Preppy Elegance

All you need is a button-up shirt for this look. Take your custom varsity jacket and wear it over your button-up shirt: That’s all! Pair it all with a pleated skirt – or any tailored slacks of your liking. Furthermore, you can accessorize the whole outfit with a statement belt and loafers. This will give your outfit a nice and elegant touch. 

  • Boho Vibes

For this look, you need a variety of custom varsity jackets. In fact, if you get them with intricate patches and embroidery, it will be all the better for you. This is the type of look that only a few can perfectly pull. So, if you want to be among those few, wear it with flared jeans and a bohemian blouse. Lastly, throw in some fringe boots and sandals in the gear and yours will be a perfectly chic boho outfit. 

  • Athleisure Comfort

If you want to achieve a stylish and athleisure look with your custom varsity jacket, pair it with leggings. For this look, you need a sports bra and athletic sneakers as well.  Whether you are running errands for the day or just hitting the gym, this look will be perfect for you. You can think of this as a casual styling option as well.

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