Drest collaboration with Copenhagen Fashion Week Credits: Drest

Copenhagen Fashion Week joins forces with Drest

A luxury styling mobile game called Drest has partnered with Copenhagen Fashion Week (CPHFW) to highlight Nordic brands and designers.

The collaboration features a series of in-game challenges on Drest highlighting brands and designers participating in Copenhagen Fashion Week, including Ganni, Stine Goya, and Cecilie Bahnsen.

There are two kinds of challenges on Drest: ‘Daily Style’ and ‘Brand Focused’. The Players will be asked to style their avatars for a variety of occasions in ‘Daily Style’ – from attending catwalk shows to being hosted by influencers to being street-style ready. Players can use their hero products to style their avatars while participating in ‘Brand Focused’ challenges at CPHFW. Players can also place their avatars in two bespoke iconic Danish backgrounds, which will be available in-game until August 12.

Drest collaboration with Copenhagen Fashion Week Credits: Drest

Founder and co-chair of Drest, Lucy Yeomans, said in a statement, “I am thrilled that Drest is joining forces with Copenhagen Fashion Week to help bring the event’s excitement to a digital audience. Fashion Weeks are one of the most exciting events in the fashion industry and the Drest team is dedicated to providing our players with the opportunity to participate in these exclusive events so that they can feel like they are part of this exclusive event.

The CPHFW for Drest is a perfect fit since it is fun, playful, energetic, and with a strong emphasis on sustainability at its core-values that we wholeheartedly share as well. I am looking forward to seeing how everyone styles their avatars with our Nordic brands selection!

Drest collaboration with Copenhagen Fashion Week Credits: Drest

Copenhagen Fashion Week is gamified by Drest

Drest will take part in Copenhagen Fashion Week’s Talk Series in addition to the in-game activity. During her presentation, Jennifer Dickinson, Vice President of Brand and Content at Drest, will discuss the topic of Cultivating Digital Communities in Fashion. Exploring how digital platforms and the metaverse can connect, inspire and educate within the fashion industry alongside Charlene Prempeh, founder of A Vibe Called Tech, and Benjamin Wymer, Snap Inc.’s global brand experience director.

Continuing with her statement, Cecilie Thorsmark, CPHFW’s chief executive, said, “We are always looking for ways to introduce the incredible talent of our Nordic fashion community to a larger audience through a range of partnerships, collaborations and activations at Copenhagen Fashion Week. As a result of the partnership with Drest, I am excited about the prospects and potential it holds for us. It will allow us to move into new territory – the gaming sphere – and as a result create opportunities for us to foster connections in the digital sphere.

We are pleased to be the first partner of Drest on a collaboration of this sort: we are looking forward to exploring how we can build more bridges between the digital and gaming world and Copenhagen Fashion Week in the future.” Drest works with some of the most respected and recognisable brands in the world.

Drest collaboration with Copenhagen Fashion Week Credits: Drest

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